Free Power-Workshop: Testing of energy storages & power products

16.04.24 Köln | 18.04.24 Leipzig | 19.04.24 Nürnberg




Over the years, we have acquired profound, specific expertise in a number of areas, especially with respect to RF assembly and antenna technology testing. To give an example, we have acted as general contractor for implementing a number of rotary indexing tables for testing and labelling antenna amplifiers. The implementation as a rotary table has a number of advantages, since all mounting and test processes, as well as the handling of defective parts, are interlocked and concatenated, thereby effectively eliminating possible error sources during these process steps.

We not only handle the implementation of production systems, but also product design validation. The same test sequencers and test step libraries that are used in production are also employed during product validation. This means that the test procedures which were established during product development can easily be transferred to a production environment. Based on the automated test procedures which were established during the development phase, it is possible to validate new prototype versions quickly and consistently. Measurement readings can be further processed and evaluated automatically. Due to the consistent instrumentation and identical cabling of the DUT, the measurements are always comparable. In addition, returns from the field can easily be diagnosed, since the test procedures are implemented by software, and the measurements can be carried out without having access to detailed development knowledge and without the developer being available.