Free Power-Workshop: Testing of energy storages & power products

16.04.24 Köln | 18.04.24 Leipzig | 19.04.24 Nürnberg



Our customers demanded all different kinds of consulting in the past years. Our colleagues are skilled in a wide range of issues and have diverse experience. Besides classic electrical engineers we have computer specialists, Rf-specialists or security engineers in our staff. If you tell us your problem - we will help you.

Summary of consulting services

Test Process Consulting

Based on your needs we develop together an economic and technical concept for the test of your products with the following content:

  • Check of the production process and data flow concerning test content and possible redundancies.
  • Development of an automation and adaption concept of your product, adjusted to the level of training of your staff and the expected production quantity.
  • Definition of the functional requirements
  • Consideration of the TCO - total cost of ownership of a test system (correlation of operating life, amortisation, cost and use).
  • Definition of the data concept regarding needs of the traceability as well as the amount and usability of the collected data.
Development of product specifications

Together with the customer we define the specific requirements of a planned system and fix them as product specifications of the system. The specification include:

  • A system concept with fixed technical requirements of the designed system
  • Needs of the user interface and the system ergonomics
  • The system architecture and the platform which will be the basis of the system
  • The software underlying
  • The data modell with quantities and interfaces
  • Definition of the process to guarantee the project success (project management..) and the commercial conditions
  • Requirements of availability, service, reaction time in service case, calibration and funcionality of remote maintenance
Pretests and feasibility studies

There might be cases when the practicability of test requirements during production should be ensured by pretests or feasibility studies. So you can identify problems of the process stability early and thus minimize the risk of the production start. Our colleagues bring in their long-lasting experience into the study and help to reduce the copmplexity.

Development of applications and support

Our systems are designed and handed over in a way that you can take over all necessary actions yourself. However we are happy to support the development of new test applications. The realisation of the test software occurs on the basis of the delivered software environment - usually NI LabView® with TestStand®, Keysight VEE® with TestEXEC SL®, or in a Microsoft .net – environment. 

Examination of test equipment and process capability

The central element of your production productivity is the production and test process stability. When the test equipment capability is analysed, you try to identify weak points of this analysis by using statistical procedures and solve them targeted. The analysis of the test of equipment capability can be repeated either according to fixed intervalls or to individual needs (i.e. after calibration of repair of instruments).
After the hedge of the equipment capability you can identify weak points within the production process on basis of the collected test data. The continuous supervision of the production capability helps to identify problems during the production process early, minimizes reparation and process expenditures and ensures the high quality of your products. This special goal can easily be solved with our software tool Magpie, which was developed exactly for these concerns in the test field.