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Door Handle System

System for Analyzing Door Handles

Application Description

In the production process of a vehicle door handle, the electrical functions of the component are to be tested. The mechanical testing of the operation of the door handle is performed by a PLC-controlled test system. In addition to the mechanical test, the electrical parameters: “serial data stream” and “impedance of the antenna” are to be analysed.

The test system described here fulfils the following tasks: Testing door handles by measuring the antenna over LCR meter. A distinction is made between “door handle opened or closed actuated”. Communication with the PLC of the machine takes place via DIO interface.

System Type
Employed Technology
  Image Processing / LED Evaluation
  Swithing of High DC Voltages and Currents
  Switching of Voltages >300V
  DUT Programming (JTAG) etc.
  Embedded Controller by LX
Serial Communication
Standard Software