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Electrical Safety Compliance Test

GW Instek 15001

Many standards demand electrical safety compliance testing, not only during product validation, but also during on-going production. Depending on the relevant requirements, we deliver systems with comprehensive HV switching matrices and multiplexers which support PE testing (ground bond tests) at various test points.




The HV test enclosure is our own design; it offers an exceptionally large test chamber and has been constructed for testing large quantities during on-going production. The hood features a ball bearing mounted folding mechanism, plus reinforcements of all parts which are subjected to mechanical stress. The ergonomic design of this hood, in combination with all necessary safety features – including a safety switch and locking hood cover – ensures optimum operator protection at all times. Our test stations comply with all requirements of standard EN/IEC 50191 (Erection and operation of electrical test equipment).

We not only deliver standardized test solutions, but we are also a competent partner for the design and realization of all kinds of special workplaces.

Depending on the documentation requirements, we can optionally integrate safety systems into our test software environment and document all test results in a relational database.

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