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We encounter corrosion in everyday life in many obvious places, but even more so in less obvious ones. Corrosion testing of new materials, components and structures is therefore a broad and important field. In general, corrosion occurs in the presence of an electrolyte (ions and oxygen in water) and two different noble metals or materials, forming a galvanic element with a certain electrochemical potential. The questions in corrosion testing are manifold: Reaction conditions under which a new material corrodes, testing of a new corrosion protection, deposition and dissolution of metals and much more.

We offer a comprehensive range of measurement technology: Potentiostats (including galvanostats/impedance analysers) by Ivium Technologies and PalmSens, corrosion measuring cells and electrodes. The software packages by both Ivium and PalmSens offer comprehensive measurement methods for determining common corrosion variables, such as exchange current density and corrosion rate, corrosion potential or electrochemical noise. We will gladly advise you to find the suitable device for your application.

AMEL corrosion measuring cell with holder for the workpiece (working electrode; WE), Luggin capillary for compensation of the ohmic voltage drop and reference electrode (RE), counter electrode (CE) and temperature and pH measurement.