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Water Electrolysis

Water electrolysis is likely to become the most important way of producing hydrogen from renewable forms of energy in the future. Simplified, it is the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen in an electrochemical cell by applying an external potential. To make water electrolysis competitive with other hydrogen production processes, catalyst materials, such as platinum, or proton membranes are needed, for example, and this is where research and development is starting directly. Depending on the cell performance or whether it is a single cell or a stack, we offer all-in-one test systems by Scribner Associates and/or MaterialsMates. For smaller electrolysis cells and power up to 500 W, the Scribner 600 water electrolysis test system offers the optimal solution. For the higher power range up to 3 kW, the MaterialsMates MM-ETB test bench provides a complete solution including temperature, pressure and gas control.

In the context of Power-X processes, to which water electrolysis belongs, there are a number of methods to produce energetically usable products, for example, from renewable energy sources. The Scribner E857 test system provides a basis for research and development of these methods for a wide range of technologies, such as CO2 reduction, synthesis gas production, electrochemical ammonia synthesis, or organic electro-synthesis.

MaterialsMates HPEC-50 electrolysis cell
Scribner 600 electrolysis test system