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Measuring Systems Renewable Energies

With its measuring instruments, test stands and systems in the field of "Renewable Energy Measuring Systems", LXinstruments, in close cooperation with EKTechnologies, provides solutions for the urgent questions of our time, above all on the topic of renewable energies. Starting with test systems for fuel cells and much more.

The portfolio ranges from the ultra-portable PalmSens SensitSmart potentiostat for research on electrochemical sensors, to the highly specialised IVIUM potentiostats for numerous fields of application in electrochemistry, to the all-in-one fuel cell test stands from Scribner Associates. Last but not least, we can address particularly customised and novel problems regarding high currents (over 100 A), impedance analysis with over 120 channels and much more, together with the experts from MaterialsMates. In addition, we offer a wide range of accessories such as measuring cells and electrodes.
Together with EKTechnologies, LXinstruments represents the following companies:

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