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EN 60601 Safety Compliance Test

Safety Compliance Test Systems for Medical Products according to 60601-1 3rd generation

Application Description

Test system for electrical safety compliance testing of medical products in accordance with EN 60601-1, 3rd edition.
The system is equipped with three test fixtures which are connected in parallel order to reduce the number of setup tasks for different variants in the course of day-to-day manufacturing processes. Its purpose is to test medical products, e. g. patient monitors, which are employed at hospitals to monitor heartbeat and oxygen saturation.
Based on the integrated electrical safety tester by Associated Research, in combination with an AC power source and a switching matrix, it is possible to fully automate tests like for instance AC/DC high-voltage tests, insulation resistance measurements, earth connection tests and leakage current measurements.
The required occupational safety is provided by a high-voltage safety hood in accordance with EN 501191. The entire safety technology, as well as the control PC, is mounted in an aluminum-profile cart.

Special Features

The platform has been established as a standard in the field of electrical safety testing. Many of our customers take advantage of this wheeled test system solution with its functional high-voltage test enclosure for testing the electrical safety of their products. The system can be easily upgraded, whether in respect to the number of test points or the electrical test parameters; it can thus be adapted to all customer-specific requirements.

Customer-specific Software

The standard software environment for this system is the Autoware II platform by Associated Research.  If the customer should have any advanced software requirements, there is an alternative option available: the LXinstruments SW suite with its integrated test sequencer, operator interface and SQL database.

Optionally, the customer may also develop the test software in-house.

System Type
Employed Technology
  Imagin Processing / LED Evaluation
Switching of High DC Voltages and Currents
Swiching of Voltages >300V
  DUT Programming (JTAG) etc.
  Embedded Controller by LX
Standard Software