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HV Test Enclosure Apollo

Safety Compliance Test System for Patient Monitors

Application Description

HV test enclosure for testing medical products (patient monitors). Insulated test booth with large space for DUT.

3 different test nests for adapting different devices.

Displays from patient monitors are checked. For this, insulation tests and leakage current measurements must be carried out. Ensuring the standard-compliant test. For the safety of the operating personnel, the test cell is electrically locked while the high voltage measurement is active.


Special Features

Protective hood to protect the operating personnel. The closure of the hood is monitored and locked electrically during the high-voltage test.

  • Test room size 905 x 648 x 545
  • 24 high-voltage switching channels
  • 8 high current switching channels
  • Omnia 2 8206 Hipot 6-in-1 Safety Tester: AC and DC high voltage test up to max. 6KV DC and 5KV AC
  • DUT supply via electronically programmable isolating transformer
  • Computer with Windows 10 for customer software
  • Ready-to-use solution including test piece admission and adaptation
  • Standing workplace
  • Intuitive, simple operation for trained personnel
  • The DUT only has to be contacted, the test follows automatically after start of the test procedure
System Type
Employed Technology
  Imagin Processing / LED Evaluation
Switching of High DC Voltages and Currents
Swiching of Voltages >300V
  DUT Programming (JTAG) etc.
  Embedded Controller by LX
Standard Software