Free Power-Workshop: Testing of energy storages & power products

16.04.24 Köln | 17.04.24 Hannover | 18.04.24 Leipzig | 19.04.24 Nürnberg


Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

LXinstruments FCT systems for industrial electronics assemblies are particularly suited for applications with a large variant diversity for medium volume sizes. They are used for testing utility electronics as well as for drive control and grid management systems. We have also implemented systems for functional test, repair and calibration of decentralized PLC I/O assemblies.

Since early failures in the field often lead to enormous costs, we not only provide functional test systems, but also burn-in systems for simultaneous testing of many assemblies in a climate chamber. Due to the modular structure of our software, it is possible to establish a logical separation between the definition of the climatic profile to be executed and the actual test sequence, during which the different electrical tests are processed. Connections to HALT/HASS systems can also be established without problems.

Industrial Electronics

Special cables are used for wiring the test adapters, which easily endure the strain resulting from continuously changing, extreme temperatures. Another important point that needs to be observed during adapter design is the optimization of the temperature-controlled airflow surrounding the DUTs.
LXinstruments markets AC sources by Associated Power Technologies as well as safety test systems by Associated Research; this makes us a competent contact partner for DUT power supplies and safety testing.