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IVTS In-Vehicle Test Set

IVTS In-Vehicle Test Set

Application Description

The in-vehicle test set was developed to successively measure several active RF amplifiers installed in the vehicle as well as different antenna structures. It offers the possibility to connect 12 DUTs. The DUTs can be connected to an external spectrum analyser via a 1 to 12 RF multiplexer. Each DUT can be individually switched and supplied with an adjustable voltage via a bias-tee integrated in the system. The individual bias voltages and currents are recorded by the IVTS and can be called up on an interactive control panel or via Ethernet and SCPI commands. The complete system can be powered by rechargeable battery and can be operated either via Ethernet, fibre optics or WLAN.

The system includes an embedded controller, which offers an interactive Java-based website for operating and monitoring the device. In addition, the system offers an I2C interface for easy expansion of peripheral devices such as DIO or temperature measurement.

Often the system is placed with the rechargeable battery on the passenger seat of a test car equipped with DUTs and operated in an EMC chamber with turntable.

Customer-specific Software

Especially for this project an interactive website in Java was developed to display and operate the system. An SCPI-based command set for controlling the system functions was also implemented.

System Type
Employed Technology
  Image Processing / LED Evaluation
  Swithing of High DC Voltages and Currents
  Switching of Voltages >300V
  DUT Programming (JTAG) etc.
  Embedded Controller by LX