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Maintenance and maintenance-/service contract

With cars it is easy: Change of oil, check of breaks and V-belt .. etc. - that is normal. But your test system does not need all these things. However it makes sense to look after your test system occasionally and check or change special idems. If you take the time and plan a preventive maintenance your test system will have less unplanned failure times. Less dust means less heat and slower ageing of electronic components.

Preventive change of i.e. switches avoides the tailure during production and single change later. That is why long-term support of delivered systems is an important quality criteria for us. For each system we develop a maintenance proposal which is part of our documentation. To preserve a running system it firstly needs small activities of your side during daily routine, completed by some engineering services. We are happy to do this for you:

  • Preventive service in defined intervalls
  • Regular check of the availability of system components. In case of termination of a component we calculate the resulting risk and plan the future steps together with you
  • Error diagnosis via remote maintenance through LXinstruments and on-site reparation or change of the damaged components by LXinstruments technician within a defined reaction time
  • If necessary: Yearly on-site calibration of the instruments by technician

We develop detailed conditions and the necessary service level of you maintenance contract together with you.