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Marvin TS-7xx Pre-configured Functional Test Platform

Marvin TS-7xx Systemplattform
Marvin TS7xx System

Based on the TS-7xx Functional Test Platform, Marvin Test Solutions Inc. is able to offer pre-configured solutions for quick implementation of PXI-based functional test systems. Based on a combined PXI mainframe with 6U (6 slots) and 3U (7 slots), with an embedded controller and an extensive selection of PXI instruments, customers can compile a system that precisely fits their needs. The system is completely cabled and tested up to the Virginia Panel ICON adapter interface before it is delivered. Customers can start creating applications directly upon receipt of the system. A self-test application which is delivered with the system supports quick system diagnosis.

In case the system requirements should change, it is always possible to retrofit additional instruments from the TS-7xx platform. In these cases, Marvin will supply the suitable cabling for the adapter interface and the necessary enhancements for the self-test adapter. It goes without saying that TS-7xx systems can also be expanded by third-party PXI cards or external instruments.

Marvin supplies the ATEasy software platform for implementing customer-specific test applications; this platform serves as a modular basis for the implementation of test procedures and the relevant operator and automation interfaces, plus it also supports data archiving.