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Multifunctional safety tests

Beispiel eines Multifunktions-Sicherheitstestgeräts von GW Instek

Manufacturers of electrical or electronic products are required by law to carry out an electrical safety test before placing them on the market. This final test takes place at the end of the manufacturing process and is therefore also referred to as an EOL test (end-of-line). Depending on the prescribed standard and directive, the following parameters are tested:

  • Leakage current and discharge current
  • Insulation resistance or the insulation strenth
  • Dielectric strength or electric strength
  • Correct installation of the protective conductor (ground continuity and ground bond test)
  • Faultless functioning of the product under the conditions defined for intended use (function or run test

This guarantees the user that there is no potential danger when using the device. With the so-called multifunctional test devices, all necessary test tasks can be carried out with only one test setup. The test procedures can be automated via the associated software. The results can be documented and are reproducible at any time. Multifunctional test devices are ideally suited for installation in test hoods.

The majority of the high-voltage devices we sell are multifunctional devices. Would you like to get an overview of our range in the shop? Here you will find what you are looking for...