Battery cyclizers from Neware and Novonix

Are you looking for a high-quality battery test system to measure battery performance?

Lithium-ion battery stress tests such as battery charging and discharging processes, simulation of battery aging, battery capacity tests and forming processes under different environmental simulations?

That runs smoothly for our battery performance test systems for lithium-ion batteries...

We offer state-of-the-art solutions for precise battery test systems, formation and classification systems from Neware and Novonix for all requirements that arise in battery production, the manufacture of electric vehicles and the production of energy storage systems. Thanks to the variety of measuring systems from both manufacturers, we are able to find the optimum solution for every requirement.

We offer you powerful basic versions, e.g. for simple battery ageing tests, through to sophisticated high-end solutions for high-precision measurement results, e.g. for incoming goods tests of cells delivered from Asia to evaluate the performance of your battery cells, battery modules and battery packs.

All our systems offer:

  • Cell tester
  • Cell cable and cell holder
  • Temperature cabinets
  • Integrated systems for space-saving solutions


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Neware, founded in 1998 and based in China, produces state-of-the-art solutions for precise battery testing systems, formation and classification systems and heating cabinets used in battery production, electric vehicle manufacturing and energy storage production.

Neware Battery testers are reliable

  • Cyclizer
  • Analyzers
  • Test devices for battery cells, battery modules, battery packs and supercapacitors

in high quality at fair prices.

All common test procedures can be carried out at cell, module and pack level. Due to the attractive price, systems with several channels can also be realized attractively.

The available system power ratings are 1000 V, 1000 A and 1000 kW.

A particular highlight is the new "ALL-IN-ONE" constant climate chamber.

This solution provides a consistent environment for stable and accurate long-term battery testing. This low-noise, space-saving and environmentally friendly test chamber is integrated with the Neware battery test system in the device, minimizing hardware connectivity and optimizing work efficiency through an easy-to-use control system.


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Novonix is a Canadian manufacturer of measuring systems. The high-precision test systems are primarily used in research and development. The tests are carried out at cell level and deliver exact results at the highest level. Typical applications are, for example, cell selection in the quality control of incoming cells or cell material performance tests.

Professor Jeff Dahn from Dalhousie University, one of the world's recognized battery pioneers, developed the "Novonix High-Precision Coulometry".

Maintenance and repair services from us

In addition to sales, we also offer maintenance and repair services, so that you not only receive first-class products, but can also rely on professional support for maintenance and repairs - directly from the experts without having to travel long distances.


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