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OTP - Open Test Platform

System approach

Our Open Test Platform exploits test system potentials for optimization during introduction and operation.

  • Easy system configuration due to core sets
  • Modularity allows on-site extensions
  • Reuse of modules across multiple systems when needs have changed
  • High reliability of total system due to proven modules
  • Remote and onsite support by the system integratorcan efficiently be provided along with automated test tools
  • Reduced development expenditure leads to good price-performance ratio
  • Short delivery time
  • Systems are ideal for application in offshore-places

The modular OTP² system (Open Test Platform) is based on a flexible instrumentation matrix plus LXI-based sources and measurement instruments in combination with a high-quality transfer interface for test adapter connections. This system can be easily enhanced with customer- and application-specific functions. This enables us to build systems which exactly fit your requirements, and are at the same time economical due to standardization.

The OTP² system platform is now available in a PXI as well as an LXI variant and can easily be extended to special customer specific hard- or software solutions.

The modular concept is also implemented on the software side, supported by the LXinstruments test software suite. This concept supports easy adaptation to the customer’s manufacturing and quality processes via defined interfaces, without having to re-invent the wheel for every system. We employ standard test sequencers by National Instruments and Keysight Technologies, which are supported in their entirety, including user interface and test step libraries; this makes it is easy for customers to create and adapt their own test applications.

In case you are interested in more details you find the datasheet here.