Service & Support

Purchasing a test system may not be the end of the story. Do you still have a lot of questions about suitable test coverage, integration into the production process or its optimal integration? And would you like training, maintenance and adjustments afterwards?

Take advantage of our service & our support

  • Workshops & seminars
  • consulting
  • calibration
  • maintenance


Workshops & Seminars

Fast and targeted training for more knowledge!

We work in small groups, whether at your premises or ours. We adapt the content to your existing knowledge. In our classroom trainings, your day-to-day work cannot disturb you, so you can concentrate fully on the new content.

Do you need training on a specific measurement technology or high-frequency topic?
Contact us with your idea. We will be happy to check how we can help you.


We advise on classic measurement technology issues such as

  • Test Process Consulting
  • Creating specifications
  • Feasibility studies
  • Examine test equipment and process capability


Instruments and components that are active in your test systems must be calibrated regularly. This ensures that all results are and remain precise.
Contact us to find out if we can calibrate your specific device. We can also calibrate entire systems on site as part of a maintenance service.

We are happy to prepare a quote.


Regularly checking the test systems is highly recommended, even if everything is fine and the system is performing excellently. If the device fails unexpectedly, the consequences are worse.

We recommend carrying out preventive maintenance at certain intervals and also regularly checking if all system components are still available. If manufacturers discontinue components, it is advisable to plan the next steps at an early stage. We will be happy to work out a maintenance contract with you that is tailored to your systems.


Do you have any questions about our service?

Please contact us.