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HV enclosures with integrated safety test

The HV test hood according to Performance Level e (ISO 13849-1), developed by us according to the EN50191 standard (erection and operation of fixed and temporary electrical test installations), offers the highest safety for the operator. The large test chamber is enclosed with a hood made of sturdy, highly insulating and transparent plastic. During the test, there is a clear view of the test specimen. A signal light visually indicates safe opening when the light is “green”. “Red light” symbolises danger, the hood cannot be opened due to the safety interlock. The safety switch also ensures that the hood cannot be opened during the test. This means that the test hood fulfils all the required specifications for compulsory contact protection.

When the hood is closed, the integrated computer starts the stored test sequence. The complete test procedure can be followed on the monitor.

Features and advantages of the LXinstruments HV test hood with integrated safety tester:

  • Swivelling, transparent hood made of sturdy, highly insulating plastic.
  • Optimum safety for the operator due to forced contact protection
  • Built-in safety-approved limit switch for locking the hood
  • After closing the hood, the test routine is automatically released
  • Optical display of the current test status
  • Computer with test software and monitor integrated in the system
  • Safety Box: Additional safety circuit for Performance Level e
  • Easily exchangeable adapter plates for holding the specimen
  • Individual selection of the test device according to customer specifications
  • Standard configurations available on short notice

Various test hood models with integrated safety tester can be found in the shop.

And illustrated here in the movie