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About us

LXinstruments GmbH was founded in 2006 as a solution provider for all issues related to instruments and systems in electronic measurement technology. Originally specialized in classical, individual functional testing, LXinstruments soon developed a modular concept (OTP - Open TestPlatform), which enabled a high functionality of the test systems at moderate prices.
Already in 2009, the sister company bsw TestSystems & Consulting was integrated into the company family. With its high-frequency solutions, it primarily serves the semiconductor and telecommunications industries as well as university and research institutions.
In 2019, LXinstruments expanded again by founding the Swiss subsidiary LXinstruments (Schweiz) AG near Bern to serve the large number of Swiss customers.

The latest member in the group of companies is EKTechnologies GmbH, which has been part of us since 2022 and specializes in "renewable energy measurement systems" in the electro-chemical sector.  
The technical portfolio of all companies complements each other to form a comprehensive range in electronic measurement technology, rounded off with an extensive set of merchandise. According to our philosophy, technology must be efficient and yet affordable. Parallel to all activities, we therefore consistently expanded the trade with instruments and components for which we are standing.

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What we can....

We can test! And we are good, which is why we test for the best. Whether for medical technology or for complex requirements in research institutes.

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RF - Measurement Solutions

Our subsidiary bsw TestSystems & Consulting is a specialist for RF measurement technology for the semiconductor, electronics and telecom industry and especially for university research.

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Power Systems

AC, DC, multiphase, sources, sinks, loads, bidirectional, regenerative... Our Power Systems division goes from single power supplies to large turnkey power supply racks.

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Competent in measurement & test systems around renewable energies like battery cell test, fuel cells, water electrolysis and others. Here you talk to the specialists.

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Do you want to know more about us? Get to know us. You are also welcome to visit our brand new company building for a quick tour and a leisurely coffee. Our doors are open for you.

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