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Brackets | for Keysight 3070/3X7X systems

Brackets | for Keysight 3070/3X7X systems
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  • HW-RH32004A
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H+W Test Products HW-RH32004A Replacement Plate / Bracket Fixtures for Keysight 3070/3X7X... more
Product information "Brackets | for Keysight 3070/3X7X systems"

H+W Test Products HW-RH32004A
Replacement Plate / Bracket
Fixtures for Keysight 3070/3X7X Systems, Single Bench, One UUT

Features of bracket RH32004A

  • Single bench
  • Single well
  • 400 x 357

Expansion kits for Keysight 3070/3X7X

H+W Test Products is proud to introduce the latest addition to its family of vacuum testers. These new test fixtures for Keysight (Agilent) (HP) 3070 test sets feature the HP Performance Port Option for Series III test sets. An important new improvement has been included in the new H+W HP3070 series mounts: the AT8000 probe plate material. This material is 50% stronger than conventional G10 (FR4). This allows a higher number of test points with less board bending. In addition, the material has a dry lubricant that facilitates milling and drilling. All brackets are supplied with a 14 mm (0.562 mm) thick PCB as standard. All " extension sets " increase the overall size by 4′ from left to right. This does not increase the size of the wing.

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H+W Fixtures for Keysight (Agilent) (HP) 3070/3X7X Systems

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  • Extended Dual Well Fixtures
  • Prober plates, personality pins, handles, spare parts, accessories

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