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Frequently Asked Questions

In general, this is difficult to answer because our partners and their production facilities are distributed internationally. Mainly we distribute products from Germany, China, USA and Europe as well as Taiwan.

Our own LXinstruments products are manufactured directly at our head office in Nufringen, Germany.
LXinstruments is a B2B company only. Therefore, only professionals can buy from us.
Yes. We sell directly through the store to all European countries. Delivery outside Europe is also possible. Please contact us directly.
We are very experienced with customs formalities. Please contact our colleagues via phone (Tel. +49 (0) 7032 / 895 93-3) or email ( so that we can discuss customs formalities directly with you.
Everyday data, such as the company name, the German VAT ID and name and address are required. The data storage is done according to DSGVO.
You can find the products via the categories in the store or also via the search function for more specific searches. If you know the unique manufacturer number of the product you are looking for, you will find it fastest.
Please contact us immediately by phone or mail with an exact description of the error. Depending on the device, there are different ways. Together we will determine how to proceed.
The duration of a repair depends strongly on the country of origin of the purchased device. Some devices can be repaired directly in Germany, others have to be sent back to the manufacturer. In any case, you will be informed as soon as possible about the duration of the repair.
Depending on whether it is still a warranty case or not, the processes differ. If possible, we will have the equipment picked up from your location, but this must first be clarified on a case-by-case basis.
Repair costs vary greatly depending on the defect, country of origin, warranty status, etc. Please contact us to clarify details.
If it is a warranty case, we usually have the device picked up, if possible. Of course, we comply with the legal requirement that transport costs are halved in the B2B sector between the contractual partners.
The devices must be packed extremely well. Sturdy and scratch-resistant on the outside and protected even in the event of an accidental drop, soft and shock-absorbent on the inside.
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We specially use the secured payment method via 3D Secure Check.
First of all, you can get a comprehensive picture on our website. Here our sophisticated program on Functional Testing, Electrical Safety, Power Systems and Electro-Chemistry is described.

If you have detailed questions, please contact our colleagues directly at The mail will be forwarded to our sales department who will get back to you.
In addition to numerous products, we also offer services. These range from training to maintenance and development. You can find more details here.