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Matrix Module Platform | Switching Matrices

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  • VT-EX1200-SMP4
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VTI Instruments VT-EX1200-SMP4 Matrix Module Carrier Platform 20 MHz, 4-bay module carrier for... more
Product information "Matrix Module Platform | Switching Matrices"

VTI Instruments VT-EX1200-SMP4
Matrix Module Carrier Platform
20 MHz, 4-bay module carrier for insertion into VT-EX1208A chassis, 1- or 2-pole switching options

Features of the EX1200-SMP4 module carrier

  • 16 integrated analogue signals on integrated bus PCB
  • 4-bay module rack for insertion into the VT-EX1208A chassis
  • Configuration with I/O matrix modules in various combinations
  • 1- or 2-pole switching options, up to 300 V / 2 A
  • Typical bandwidth higher than 20 MHz
  • Integrates via bus PCB with optional 6.5 digit DMM in chassis
  • Up to 176 x 8 2-wire configuration in 4-slots gives a 704 x 8 matrix in a single 3U rack
  • Programmable hardware triggers to automate switching conditions and reduce switching times

The EX1200-SMP4 module trigger

The VTI Instruments EX1200-SMP4 offers 16 integrated analogue signals which are routed via the bus circuit board integrated in the module. This helps reduce the need for external wiring, which in turn typically prevents further erosion of signal integrity. System architects can build a 16 x N matrix over these signal lines and easily combine different matrix modules to create an even larger matrix with up to 704 x 8 2-wire inputs in a single carrier. This approach creates efficiency in space consumption and achieves performance gains in mixed-signal applications for data acquisition or electronic test.

The VTI Instruments EX1200-SMP4 supports switching applications that require configurable crosspoints in the matrix topology. The 4-slot wide matrix module driver can be inserted into any position of the EX1208A chassis. One to 4 carriers fit in a single chassis, and the standard EX1200 series switch cards can be mixed and matched with the carriers. For example: a 176x8 2-wire 2A matrix can be combined with a 1.5 GHz RF multiplexer and 16A standard relay modules. The EX1200-SMP devices can be equipped with I/O matrix modules in any combination. This allows point-to-point path switching or resource mapping to the inputs/outputs of the preamplifier while reducing external connections.

The internal 16 signal wide analogue bus of the VTI Instruments EX1200-SMP4 supports the performance of the optional 6.5 digit DMM in the chassis. The backplane bus system is equipped with signal paths corresponding to a 50-ohm impedance environment or adjacent channels with differential signal paths. By design, the board supports high bandwidth applications with insertion losses of -3dB over 100MHz. The compatible EX1208A chassis has a reserved slot for an optional high performance 6.5 digit DMM. This allows the four-wire DMM to be connected directly to the analogue signal path on the EX1200-SMP transmitter via the five ports of the measurement subsystem (Hi/Hi Sense, Lo/Lo Sense and Guard). The DMM can also be disconnected from the connection in order to switch the released bus signals for other purposes. The overall system typically supports bandwidths above 20 MHz.

Optional accessories for the EX1200-SMP4 module carrier

  • VT-EX1200-08442: 44 X 8 I/O MATRIX MODULE, TWO-WIRE

Lieferumfang des Modul-Trägers EX1200-SMP4

  • 4-Schacht Matrix-Modul-Träger Plattform

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