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  • MV-GX5961
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Model Marvin Test Solutions: MV-GX5961 50MHz High Performance Dynamic Digital I/O PXI... more
Product information "MV-GX5961"

Model Marvin Test Solutions: MV-GX5961
50MHz High Performance Dynamic Digital I/O PXI Subsystem Card

  • Cycle based, 50 MHz dynamic digital subsystem with high performance timing generator
  • 16 digital I/O channels
  • High voltage pin electronics with per channel programmability
  • Per channel parametric measurement unit (PMU)
  • Analog bus access for each I/O channel
  • Dual level drive / sense, and programmable load on a per channel basis
  • Supports single-ended or differential channel configurations
  • 256 timing sets with 4 phases and 4 windows
  • 0 - 64 µs phase and window programming range
  • Supports configurations with up to 528 bi-directional I/O channels
  • 256K of vector memory
  • 6U PXI Instrument

The Marvin Test MV-GX5961 digital subsystem card represents the highest level of performance available for PXI-based digital instrumentation. Based on the proven architecture of the MV-GX5055 and the EADS T964, the MV-GX5961 offers high performance pin electronics and a timing generator / sequencer in a compact, 6U PXI form factor. The MV-GX5961 consists of one MV-GX5961 Clock generator board with 16 driver / sensor channels and the MV-GX5964 driver / sensor board which supports 32 bi-directional I/O channels. Up to 528 digital I/O channels can be supported by the MV-GX5960 digital subsystem. Each digital channel features a wide drive / sense voltage range of -15 V to +25 V (maximum swing of 26 volts) which can be individually programmed for a drive hi, drive lo, sense hi, sense lo, and a load value (with commutation voltage level) €“ offering the user complete flexibility when creating test programs and fixtures for multiple UUTs. In addition, each channel offers a parametric measurement unit (PMU) for DC measurements.


The Marvin Test MV-GX5960 offers real-time digital stimulus, record, or expect data modes on all I/O channels. Pattern memory depth is 256K words. Each channel can be configured as an input or output on a per cycle basis. Six drive data formats are supported: NR, R1, R0, RZ, RC, and Complement Surround €“ providing flexibility to create a variety of bus cycles and waveforms to test board and box level products.

The MV-GX5961 provides timing, input / output synchronization signals, and sequencing as well as 16 I/O channels. Additional channels can be added to the system by installing one or more, MV-GX5964 boards which are interconnected via the PXI local and trigger busses. The MV-GX5961 offers a flexible clock system which allows the module to operate as a timing master to the UUT or be slaved to the UUT€™s time base or some other external clock.

All pin electronic resources are independent on a per channel basis €“ offering the user complete flexibility when programming drive / sense levels, source / sink currents, slew rate, skew, or PMU functions. The PMU can operate in the force voltage / measure current or force current / measure voltage mode and is useful for measuring a UUT€™s DC characteristics. In addition, each I/O channel includes an analog bus relay, which allows each channel to support hybrid channel (digital or analog) measurement capabilities. For analog stimulus / response measurements, the analog bus can be connected to external resources via a dedicated analog bus connector located on the front panel of the module.

Data Sequencer

The MV-GX5961's sequencer supports sequences up to 4096 steps and has 16 loop counters that may be nested. The sequencer supports a variety of sequencing functions including jumps, subroutines, looping, and test inputs. All of the sequencer commands may be programmed using a Graphical Vector Editor, Windows® API commands, or via a script language. The sequencer allows the user to generate test vectors indefinitely at maximum test rates. Internal and external trigger and pause commands are available in several modes.

Timing Generator

The MV-GX5961's timing generator supports 256 timing sets which can consist of up to 4 drive phases and 4 sense windows for 4K of sequence steps. Alternative timing set configurations include 1K of timing sets with 4 phases and 4 sense windows or 4K of timing sets with 1 phase and 1 window. The T0 cycle or sequencer period range is programmable from 20 ns to 64 µs with the phase and window values programmable from 0 ns to 64 µs. This flexibility offers the user the ability to address a wide range of applications including the emulation of complex bus cycles and proprietary digital interfaces.

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  • Marvin Test Solutions MV-GX5961: 50MHz High Performance Dynamic Digital I/O PXI Subsystem Card
  • Manual

Marvin Test Solutions ist ein amerikanischer Hersteller für PXI Instrumente und Software für Funktionstestsysteme und Halbleitertest.

  • Eine besondere Stärke von Marvin Test Solutions sind schnelle digitale Pattern-I/O Karten, FPGA- und SMU Karten im 3U und 6U PXI Formfaktor.
  • Neben Einzelkomponenten liefert Marvin auch vorkonfigurierte Funktionstestsysteme und Halbleitertestsysteme.
  • Mit der ATEasy Entwicklungsumgebung bietet Marvin Kunden, die eine eigene Testsoftware-Architektur realisieren wollen, einen leistungsfähigen Baukasten inkl. integrierter Sequenzerfunktionen.

LXinstruments vertreibt Produkte von Marvin Test Solutions in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz.