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Products from Neware Technology LLC

Neware Technology LLC

Neware, founded in 1998 and based in China, produces state-of-the-art solutions for precise battery testing systems, formation and classification systems and heating cabinets used in battery production, electric vehicle manufacturing and energy storage production.

Neware battery testers are reliable cyclers, analyzers and testers for batteries and supercapacitors at a fair price.
The available system capacities are 1000 V, 1200 A and 1200 kW.

We are thus expanding our product portfolio in the field of battery test systems with further high-quality measuring instruments - various efficient battery cyclizers with very high dimensional accuracy for battery performance testing. This enables us to offer innovative solutions throughout Europe.
In addition to our sales commitment, we also take responsibility for maintenance and repair services to ensure that our customers always receive the best possible support.

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