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APM Technologies SPS-300 series - View: front Linked 3-Phase AC System | SPS-300 series
APM Technologies

Voltage: 150 V / 300 V or 300 V / 600 V, Current: up to 165.6 A / 82.8 A, Power: up to 20000 VA, Size: up to 21 U
Price on request
APM Technologies SP-300 - View: front right Programmable AC Power Source | SP-300 series
APM Technologies

Voltage: 150/300 V, Current: up to 46A/23A, Power: up to 5000 VA
Price on request
APM Technologies - Models of EL series Electronic DC load | EL Series
APM Technologies

OCP/OPP test function, 50kHz high-speed CC/CR dynamic mode, 500kHz highspeed voltage and current sampling rate
Price on request