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Programmable DC Load | ALx Series

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  • MPE-ALx-Serie
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Product information "Programmable DC Load | ALx Series"

Magna Power ALx Series
Programmable DC Load with wide operating range
up to 20 kW 1Ph, up to 1000 V, up to 4800 A, CC, CV, CP, CR, SR

The ALx Series MagnaLOAD utilizes conventional linear MOSFET-based dissipative elements, allowing the series to achieve a very wide voltage-current operating range within the model’s maximum power rating. Using the same heat management innovations developed for Magna-Power’s high density programmable DC power supplies, the ALx Series’ air cooling ensures long product life with continuous full power operation in environments up to 50°C ambient operating temperature.

The ALx Series uses MOSFETs for power dissipation, delivering among the industry’s widest full-power operating range for its product class. The ALx Series uses MOSFETs operated in the linear region to allow full power and full control over the entire VA rating of the product. MOSFETs are specifically selected based on their ability to operate in the linear region and have safe operating curves well below the maximum power rating when used as an electronic switch. Control circuitry for ALx Series MagnaLOADs are operated in a closed loop to linearize the response. Each MOSFET device produces a load current defined by VC/Rn. Closed loop amplifiers enable multiple MOSFETs to share load current equally.

Functions of the programmable electronic DC-Load of ALx Series

  • Power specifications: 1.25 kW, 2.5 kW, 5 kW, 7.5 kW, 10 kW, 12.5 kW, 15 kW, 17.5 kW, 20 kW
  • Voltage range: up to 1000 V
  • Current range: up to 4800 A
  • Input Voltage: 85 V to 265 V AC
  • MagnaLINK™ Distributed DSP Architecture
  • 16-bit digital programming and monitoring resolution
  • SCPI Remote Programming API
  • Function types: CC, CV, CP, CR, SR
  • Integrated front and rear full control USB ports, RS485, and dual MagnaLINK™ ports, with LXI TCP/IP Ethernet and IEEE-488 GPIB available.
  • Plug-and-play master-slave operation
  • Programmable protection limits
  • Configurable external analog-digital user I/O
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Available models of the programmable electronic DC-Load of ALx Series

Model Max Power Max Voltage Max Current Package Type Min Voltage
ALx1.25-200-300 1.25 kW 200 Vdc 300 Adc Rack-mount 2.5 Vdc
ALx1.25-500-125 1.25 kW 500 Vdc 125 Adc Rack-mount 6.0 Vdc
ALx1.25-1000-37.5 1.25 kW 1000 Vdc 37.5 Adc Rack-mount 7.5 Vdc
ALx2.5-200-600 2.5 kW 200 Vdc 600 Adc Rack-mount 2.5 Vdc
ALx2.5-500-250 2.5 kW 500 Vdc 250 Adc Rack-mount 6.0 Vdc
ALx2.5-1000-75 2.5 kW 1000 Vdc 75 Adc Rack-mount 7.5 Vdc
ALx5-200-1200 5 kW 200 Vdc 1200 Adc Floor-standing 2.5 Vdc
ALx5-500-500 5 kW 500 Vdc 500 Adc Floor-standing 6.0 Vdc
ALx5-1000-150 5 kW 1000 Vdc 150 Adc Floor-standing 7.5 Vdc
ALx7.5-200-1800 7.5 kW 200 Vdc 1800 Adc Floor-standing 2.5 Vdc
ALx7.5-500-750 7.5 kW 500 Vdc 750 Adc Floor-standing 6.0 Vdc
ALx7.5-1000-225 7.5 kW 1000 Vdc 225 Adc Floor-standing 7.5 Vdc
ALx10-200-2400 10 kW 200 Vdc 2400 Adc Floor-standing 2.5 Vdc
ALx10-500-1000 10 kW 500 Vdc 1000 Adc Floor-standing 6.0 Vdc
ALx10-1000-300 10 kW 1000 Vdc 300 Adc Floor-standing 7.5 Vdc
ALx12.5-200-3000 12.5 kW 200 Vdc 3000 Adc Floor-standing 2.5 Vdc
ALx12.5-500-1250 12.5 kW 500 Vdc 1250 Adc Floor-standing 6.0 Vdc
ALx12.5-1000-375 12.5 kW 1000 Vdc 375 Adc Floor-standing 7.5 Vdc
ALx15-200-3600 15 kW 200 Vdc 3600 Adc Floor-standing 2.5 Vdc
ALx15-500-1500 15 kW 500 Vdc 1500 Adc Floor-standing 6.0 Vdc
ALx15-1000-450 15 kW 1000 Vdc 450 Adc Floor-standing 7.5 Vdc
ALx17.5-200-4200 17.5 kW 200 Vdc 4200 Adc Floor-standing 2.5 Vdc
ALx17.5-500-1750 17.5 kW 500 Vdc 1750 Adc Floor-standing 6.0 Vdc
ALx17.5-1000-525 17.5 kW 1000 Vdc 525 Adc Floor-standing 7.5 Vdc
ALx20-200-4800 20 kW 200 Vdc 4800 Adc Floor-standing 2.5 Vdc
ALx20-500-2000 20 kW 500 Vdc 2000 Adc Floor-standing 6.0 Vdc
ALx20-1000-600 20 kW 1000 Vdc 600 Adc Floor-standing 7.5 Vdc
Options of the programmable electronic DC-Load of ALx Series IEEE-488 GPIB Communications... mehr

Options of the programmable electronic DC-Load of ALx Series

  • IEEE-488 GPIB Communications (+GPIB)
  • LXI TCP/IP Ethernet Communications (+LXI)

Combining robust power processing topologies with state-of-the-art vertically integrated USA manufacturing, tens of thousands of companies rely on Magna-Power's high-quality programmable DC products to power their innovation. For the programmable DC Power Supplies Magna is utilizing the rugged current-fed power processing topology, spanning over 500 models from 1.5 kW to 3,000 kW+, and numerous standard options, Magna-Power offers one of the industry’s broadest range of programmable DC power supplies.
For DC electronic loads they are offering both conventional linear topology and patented Active Resistance Technology, Magna-Power defines a new cost-point for high-power electronic loads from 1.25 kW to 100 kW+, offering unique control modes and highly reliable continuous full-power operation up to 50°C.

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