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Programmable DC Power Supply | 1440 W

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  • GW-PSU8-180
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GW Instek GW-PSU 8-180 Power Supply - Programmable - DC - Switching - Single Channel - 0~8V -... more
Product information "Programmable DC Power Supply | 1440 W"

GW Instek GW-PSU 8-180
Power Supply - Programmable - DC - Switching - Single Channel - 0~8V - 0~180A - 1440W

  • Voltage Rating: 8
  • Output Power Rating: 1440W
  • C.V / C.C Priority
  • Particularly Suitable for the Battery & LED industry
  • Adjustable Slew Rate
  • Series and Parallel operation (2 Units Series, 4 units parallel)
  • High Efficiency and High Power Density
  • 19 Inch Rack Mount Design, 1U Height
  • Standard Interface: LAN, RS-232 & RS-485, USB (Device / Host), Analog Control Interface
  • 3 Years Warranty

The GW Instek GW-PSU-Series is a single output programmable switching DC power supply covering a power range up to 1520W. This series of products include five models with the combination from 6V to 60V rated voltages. As the PSU-Series can be connected in series for maximum 2 units or in parallel for maximum 4 units, the capability of connecting multiple PSU-Series units for higher voltage or higher current output provides a broad coverage of applications.

The C.V. / C.C. priority selection of the GW Instek GW-PSU 8-180 is a very useful feature for DUT protection. The conventional power supply normally operates under C.V. mode when the power supply output is turned on. This could bring a high inrush current to the capacitive load or current-intensive load at the power output on stage. Though the current becomes stable after the C.C. mode is activated, the current spike occurred at the C.V. and C.C. crossover point may possibly damage the DUT. At the power output on stage, the GW-PSU 8-180 is able to run under C.C. priority to limit the current spike occurred at the threshold voltage and therefore protects DUT from the inrush current damage.

The OVP and OCP protection can prevent the DUT damage, Both OVP and OCP levels can be selected the range of minimum setting to 110%, with the default level set at 110%, of the rated voltage/current of the power supply. The GW Instek GW-PSU 8-180 provides USB Host/ Device, LAN, RS-232 with RS-485 and Analog Control Interfaces as standard. The Analog Control Interface is also available at the rear panel for external control of the power On/Off and the external monitoring of power output voltage and current.

The adjustable slew rate of the GW Instek GW-PSU 8-180 allows users to set, for either output voltage or output current, a specific rise time from low to high level transition, and a specific fall time from high to low level transition. This facilitates the characteristic verification of a DUT during voltage or current level changes with controllable slew rates. Most manufacturing tests of lighting devices or large capacitances during power output on are associated with the occurrence of high surge current, which can greatly reduce the life time of the DUT. To prevent inrush current from damaging current intensive devices, a smooth and slow voltage transition during power On-Off can significantly reduce the spike current and protect the device from high current damage.

Scope of Delivery:

  • GW Instek GW-PSU 8-180 Power Supply
  • Power Cord
  • User + Programming Manual CD
  • Output Terminal Cover
  • Analog Connector Plug Kit
  • Output Terminal M8 Bolt Set
  • Input Terminal Cover
  • 1U Handle x 2
  • 1U Bracket (Left + Right)

Factory Installed Options (not included):

  • PSU-GPIB PSU GPIB Interface Card
  • PSU-ISO-I Isolated Current Remote Control Card
  • PSU-ISO-V Isolated Voltage Remote Control Card

Optional Accessories (not included):

  • Bus Bars for in Parallel Operation
    • PSU-01B 2 units
    • PSU-02B 3 units
    • PSU-03B 4 units
  • Cables for in Parallel Operation
    • PSU-01C 2 units
    • PSU-02C 3 units
    • PSU-03C 4 units
  • GRM-001 Slide bracket 2 pcs / set

Founded in 1975, Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd was the first professional manufacturer in Taiwan specializing in electrical test & measurement instruments. GW Instek began as a manufacturer of power supplies and quickly expanded into the development of high precision electronic test and measurement instruments.

After decades of experience in the test and measurement industry, GW Instek has grown to become one of the important manufacturers and developers of test and measurement instruments worldwide. Today GW Instek has more than 300 product items, ranging from oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal sources, basic test & measurement instruments to video surveillance systems. GW Instek has also seen its present growth internationally. With headquarters located in Taipei, Taiwan, GW Instek has subsidiaries in mainland China, America, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Europe, and India; its products are sold to more than 80 countries worldwide.

With a strong focus on high quality, economical measurement solutions for the educational and industrial manufacturing markets, Good Will Instrument has developed a solid brand image and reputation for reliability, integrity and innovation. From its inception, GW Instek has dedicated itself to becoming a professional electronic test and measurement designer and manufacturer, resulting in a number of national awards and the trust of customers world-wide; In 1993 Good Will Instrument became ISO 9002 accredited and the following year won the Highest Honor of National Outstanding SMEs (small and medium enterprises) Award from the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 2000, Good Will Instrument went public on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

GW Instek has been a byword for quality electronic test & measurement instruments due to its decades of experience in R&D, marketing and manufacturing. GW Instek's reputation has been built upon the philosophy of integrity, quality, and creativity as well as the accumulation of years of experience. Focusing on the improvement of R&D, manufacturing and marketing competitiveness, GW Instek will continue to be one of the most reliable, trusted brands creating the highest value for customers.