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Programmable DC Power Supply | 63 W

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  • GW-PPH-1503D
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Model GW Instek: GW-PPH-1503D Power Supply - DC- Programmable - Switching - High Precision - 2... more
Product information "Programmable DC Power Supply | 63 W"

Model GW Instek: GW-PPH-1503D
Power Supply - DC- Programmable - Switching - High Precision - 2 Channels - (0~15V/0~3A)(0~12V/0~1.5A) or (0~9V/0~5A)(NA) - (45W/18W)

  • Dual Channel DC Power Output
  • Ch1: 45W (0~15V/0~3A or 0~9V/0~5A)
  • Ch2: 18W (0~12V/0~1.5A)
  • 3.5 inch TFT LCD Display
  • Built-in DVM Measurement Function
  • High Measurement Resolution (1mV/0.1μA for 5mA Range)
  • Current Sink Function (Maximum : 3.5A)
  • Pulse Current Measurement
  • Long Integration Current Measurement
  • Sequence Function (Sequential power output)
  • Built-in Battery Simulation Function
  • OVP, OCP, OTP & Temperature Display for Heat Sink
  • Support USB (Device& Host)/GPIB/LAN
  • 5 Groups of Save/Recall Setting
  • External RELAY Control

GW Instek introduces new GW-PPH-1503D programmable high precision dual-channel DC power supply. GW-PPH-1503D€™s CH1 provides dual operational ranges for voltage and current and its total power output is 45W. The dual operational ranges are 0 to 15V/0 to 3A or 0 to 9V/0 to 5A. CH2 provides 0 to 12V/0 to 1.5A with 18W power output.

GW-PPH-1503D€™s high precision measurement capability achieves the maximum resolution of 1mV/0.1uA and the smallest pulse current width of 33us that satisfy customers€™ measurement application requirements of high resolution and pulse current. Fast load current variation will result in voltage sag for general power supplies that will have an impact on DUT€™s internal circuit operation. GW-PPH-1503D is equipped with the excellent transient recovery time, which can, in less than 40us, recover the output voltage to within 100mV of the previous voltage output when the current level changes from 10% to 100% of the full scale. Furthermore, conventional power supplies do not have sufficient response speed to promptly respond to set voltage value once the set voltage is changed. GW-PPH-1503D has a rise time of 0.2ms and a fall time of 0.3ms, which are 100 times faster than that of conventional power supplies. Therefore, GW-PPH-1503D can provide DUT with a stable output voltage even when DUT is operating under large transient current output. The internal high-speed sampling circuit design of GW-PPH-1503D, with the sample rate of 64K, can conduct pulse current measurement without using a current probe and oscilloscope. The current read back accuracy is 0.2%+1uA (equals to 11uA) at 5mA range, and the read back resolution is 0.1uA that allow DUT to be measured with a high accuracy level. Unlike battery, general power supplies, which do not have the characteristics of fast transient recovery time, can not maintain a stable power supply for cellular phone, wireless device, and wearable device which produce large transient pulse current load for hundreds of μs to dozens of ms when in use. GW-PPH-1503D, different from general power supplies, has the characteristics of fast transient recovery time. While simulating battery to output pulse current, GW-PPH-1503D can quickly compensate the voltage drop caused by pulse current. CH1 has the built-in battery simulation function, which can define output impedance settings so as to accurately simulate battery€™s impedance characteristics during battery discharge. Fast transient recovery time and built-in battery simulation function together facilitate GW-PPH-1503D to accurately simulate battery€™s real behavior pattern so as to conduct product tests.

GW-PPH-1503D is not only suitable for simulating battery, charger and supplying power to DUT, but also ideal for simulating an electronic load to conduct discharge tests with its sink current capability. The sink current function allows GW-PPH-1503D to simulate a voltage source with the sink current capability. The maximum sink current of GW-PPH-1503D€™s CH1 is 3.5A and for CH2 is 2A. Long integration current measurement can be utilized to conduct average current measurement for periodical pulse current in a long period of time that is applied to analyze power consumption for a period of time. One of the applications is to measure the average power consumption of a cellular phone in use so as to conduct the internal RF module parameter analysis. The maximum current measurement range of CH1 is 5A and for CH2 is 1.5A. The built-in sequence function of CH1 provides users with 1000 steps to edit sequential outputs, including voltage, current and execution time. The built-in DVM function of CH2 has a voltage range from 0 to +20VDC that saves users the cost of purchasing an additional voltage meter.

GW-PPH-1503D provides OTP function and shows heat sink temperature on the upper right corner of the display screen. Other than that, features such as five sets of system setting values for the SAVE/RECALL function, 10 sets of Power On Setup Settings, Key-Lock function to prevent unauthorized inputs, temperature-controlled fan to reduce noise, hardcopy to save screen information, and external relay control device together augment GW-PPH-1503D€™s usability. GW-PPH-1503D supports test requirements of Profile1, Profile2 and Profile3 from USB Power Delivery(PD) constructed by USB-IF association.

Scope of Delivery:

  • GW Instek GW-PPH-1503D Base Unit
  • Power Cord
  • Quick Start Manual
  • User Manual CD
  • GTL-117: Test Lead 10A Maximum 1x
  • GTL-204A: Test Lead 10A Maximum 1x
  • GTL-203A: Test Lead 3A Maximum 1x

Optional Accessories (not included):

  • GTL-246: USB Cable

Founded in 1975, Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd was the first professional manufacturer in Taiwan specializing in electrical test & measurement instruments. GW Instek began as a manufacturer of power supplies and quickly expanded into the development of high precision electronic test and measurement instruments.

After decades of experience in the test and measurement industry, GW Instek has grown to become one of the important manufacturers and developers of test and measurement instruments worldwide. Today GW Instek has more than 300 product items, ranging from oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal sources, basic test & measurement instruments to video surveillance systems. GW Instek has also seen its present growth internationally. With headquarters located in Taipei, Taiwan, GW Instek has subsidiaries in mainland China, America, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Europe, and India; its products are sold to more than 80 countries worldwide.

With a strong focus on high quality, economical measurement solutions for the educational and industrial manufacturing markets, Good Will Instrument has developed a solid brand image and reputation for reliability, integrity and innovation. From its inception, GW Instek has dedicated itself to becoming a professional electronic test and measurement designer and manufacturer, resulting in a number of national awards and the trust of customers world-wide; In 1993 Good Will Instrument became ISO 9002 accredited and the following year won the Highest Honor of National Outstanding SMEs (small and medium enterprises) Award from the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 2000, Good Will Instrument went public on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

GW Instek has been a byword for quality electronic test & measurement instruments due to its decades of experience in R&D, marketing and manufacturing. GW Instek's reputation has been built upon the philosophy of integrity, quality, and creativity as well as the accumulation of years of experience. Focusing on the improvement of R&D, manufacturing and marketing competitiveness, GW Instek will continue to be one of the most reliable, trusted brands creating the highest value for customers.

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