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RF Multiplexer | 3 GHz, 4 to 1

RF Multiplexer | 3 GHz, 4 to 1
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  • OTP2-Modul-Nr189
LXinstruments GmbH OTP2 module no189 RF multiplexer / Pickering 4 to 1 RF multiplexer, 3 GHz, 50... more
Product information "RF Multiplexer | 3 GHz, 4 to 1"

LXinstruments GmbH OTP2 module no189
RF multiplexer / Pickering
4 to 1 RF multiplexer, 3 GHz, 50 Ohm, cabling to device matrix and VP interface

Features of the RF Multiplexer 40-872-004

  • 3GHz RF multiplexer
  • Single, dual and quad versions
  • SMB or MCX connection versions
  • High performance, low cost
  • VISA, IVI and kernel drivers for Windows included
  • Supported by PXI or LXI chassis

Der RF-Multiplexer 40-872-004

The 40-872-004 is a 50 Ohm 4-to-1 RF MUX available with 4 Bänken in a single PXI slot. Using advanced RF relay technology, it has low insertion loss and low VSWR at an affordable price. Each MUX has been carefully designed to provide excellent and repeatable RF characteristics up to frequencies of 3 GHz, with each path having nominally equal insertion loss. Injection of noise and unwanted signals into the 40-872's signal paths has been minimised by careful attention to mechanical and electrical design.

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