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SMU Mainframe | 6 slots

SMU Mainframe | 6 slots
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  • VT-EX1206A
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VTI Instruments VT-EX1206A Switch Measure Mainframe 1 U, 6-slot mainframe, internal 5-wire bus,... more
Product information "SMU Mainframe | 6 slots"

VTI Instruments VT-EX1206A
Switch Measure Mainframe
1 U, 6-slot mainframe, internal 5-wire bus, LXI interface, precise hardware handshaking

Features of the Switch Measure Mainframe EX1206A

  • 1 U, 6-slot mainframe
  • Internal 5-wire bus leads directly to optional 6.5-digit DMM
  • Modules plug in from the front - minimises system wiring
  • LXI interface eliminates platform obsolescence and support costs
  • Synchronised measurements in a distributed architecture IEEE-1588
  • Wired 8-wire LXI trigger bus - präcise hardware handshaking

The EX1200 Switch Measure Mainframe Series

The EX1200 family is the highest density switching and data acquisition instrument on the market, offering the ability to combine low-level, power and RF switching modules in a single mainframe. This scalable product family is designed to leverage capital investments in a common hardware and software platform that can be used in engineering, manufacturing and field service. By combining different modules, a comprehensive signal switching subsystem can be assembled, which can be complemented with precise analogue and digital I/O modules.

In conjunction with the optional 6.5-digit DMM, the EX1200 family can be configured as a cost-effective, high-density measurement and control device capable of acquiring data from thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors and voltage/current sensors at speeds of up to 1000 samples per second. Plug-in switch/multiplexer modules are used to expand the number of channels that can be scanned in a single system. Additional plug-in modules expand the capabilities of this data acquisition device to include analogue and digital precision outputs for controlling external devices, as well as source/speed for measurements on rotating machinery.

The competitively priced EX1200 series offers nearly twice the working area and higher channel count capacity to provide the highest level of signal integrity with the same vertical footprint as PXI. For lower density switching applications, VTI also offers a comprehensive family of high performance PXI Express switching modules.

The performance of a switching system goes beyond the relays and the switch card PCB. Everything in the signal path, including the cabling and connections from the prefling and to the meters, can add noise and degrade the signal. VTI optimises system-level performance with user-friendly connection options for all EX1200 products that minimise signal loss.

Please contact us for configuration and pricing information.

VTI Instruments, located in San Diego, provides products and systems which are used to monitor and record data that characterizes the physical integrity and performance of aircraft, engines, and other large structures, as well as automate the functional testing of complex electronic systems. VTI Instruments is recognized as an industry leader with a reputation of providing reliable data, first time, every time.

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Switch Measure Mainframe | 6 slots Switch Measure Mainframe | 6 slots
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