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TB-3180 High Voltage Amplifier

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  • TB-3180
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Model Tabor TB-3180 High Voltage Amplifier - PXI - 1-Channel - 180V Single-width... more
Product information "TB-3180 High Voltage Amplifier"

Model Tabor TB-3180
High Voltage Amplifier - PXI - 1-Channel - 180V

  • Single-width PXI card
  • High voltage output to 180Vp-p (±90V)
  • Output current to 150mA
  • Large signal bandwidth to 300kHz
  • Small signal bandwidth to 1MHz
  • Slew rate to 120V/µs
  • Selectable gain configuration
  • Compatible with any of the Tabor waveform generators

Model Tabor TB-3180 was designed as a general purpose, wide band and high voltage amplifier, however, with specific applications in mind. It offers selectable gain of up to x50, with amplitudes of -90V to +90V and an output current of 150mA. With a large signal bandwidth of up to 300kHz and a small signal bandwidth of up to 1MHz the Tabor TB-3180 offers new possibilities to meet the requirements that couldn’t be met before in a PXI form format, without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity.

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  • Tabor TB-3180 High Voltage Amplifier
  • Manual
  • Certificate of Calibration

Since its founding in 1971, Tabor Electronics has become a world-leading supplier of world-class measurement and test equipment. Tabor has earned this reputation through both quality craftsmanship and innovative engineering. Its broad portfolio includes hardware products such as pulse, function and arbitrary waveform generators, as well as high-voltage, signal and digital amplifiers. Platforms based on different frequency ranges are complemented with waveform or modulation software. Technologically leading, Tabor offers the best combination of performance, reliability and price/performance ratio. Tabor products are used in a wide range of applications, in industry and research.

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