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TMS Test Management Software | LX-TMS

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  • LX-TMS
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LXinstruments TMS Test Management Software Test sequencer for small and midsize systems... more
Product information "TMS Test Management Software | LX-TMS"

LXinstruments TMS Test Management Software

Test sequencer for small and midsize systems

Various tests are required in development, production and service for the diagnosis and analysis of electronic components and devices. Equipped with all necessary standard functions, the test sequencer developed by LXinstuments fulfills all criteria for a successful and smooth test procedure. The device under test (DUT) is tested under various operating conditions for its properties, function and usability. Typical applications are found where a usual complexity of test sequences has to be processed. The test sequencer is therefore suitable for small and midsized systems where special features of other sequencers are not required. The free, cross-platform, open-source .NET developer platform serves as a starting point. The integrated WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) framework provides a user-friendly program interface.

Specifications of the sequenzer software LX-TMS:

  • Simple creation of test plans and sequences without a great deal of programming effort
  • Intuitive and easy operation via a graphical user interface
  • Fast and automated execution of the test sequences
  • Flexible use and wide range of applications
  • Uncomplicated and trouble-free integration into the process structures that already exist on the customer side
  • Further use of the TMS-test sequences already created
  • Integration of existing device DLLs (Dynamic Link Library) through XML via the integrated additional program "Tms Xml Driver Editor"
  • Plug-in for outputting test reports as .csv files. Additional plug-ins can be easily integrated
  • Licensed software at no additional cost to the purchased license

Application of the test sequencer software LX-TMS:

  • Analysis
  • Diagnostic
  • Suitability test
  • Certification
  • Quality Check
  • Characterization
  • etc.
Optionen & Zubehör der Testsequenzer Software LX-TMS Software-Suite TSCOE (Test... mehr

Optionen & Zubehör der Testsequenzer Software LX-TMS

  • Software-Suite TSCOE (Test Sequencer Common Operator Environment)
  • Storage of the measurement data in a database for further processing
Lieferumfang der Testsequenzer Software LX-TMS Standard-Software in German and English... mehr

Lieferumfang der Testsequenzer Software LX-TMS

  • Standard-Software in German and English
  • Plug-in to output test reports as .csv files
  • Tool for creating XML definitions

LXinstruments GmbH was founded in 2006 as a solution provider for all issues relating to instruments and systems in electronic measurement technology. Our systems are mainly based on the LXI standard (Lan based Extensions for Instrumentation), an open industry standard. The portfolio was gradually expanded to include the sale of electronic test & measurement instruments and components and products developed in-house.

Our sister company, bsw TestSystems & Consulting, was integrated into the company in 2009. With its specialisation in RF solutions, it primarily supports the semiconductor and telecommunications industry as well as university and research institutions.

TSCOE4 | Operator Environment TSCOE4 | Operator Environment
LXinstruments GmbH

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