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16.04.24 Köln | 17.04.24 Hannover | 18.04.24 Leipzig | 19.04.24 Nürnberg


Magpie Evaluation and Data Mining

LXinstruments Magpie is a user-friendly evaluation and data mining application for our test database. The data to be evaluated can be preselected via complex, easily configurable filters. Based on the selected data, it is then possible to create reports and perform statistical evaluations as well as machine capability analyses. The graphical GUI supports easy administration of the database by authorized users.

The LXinstruments Magpie evaluation licenses are always linked to the data source, which would generally mean a test system. The test data generated by the test system will be marked as available for evaluation while it is stored in the database.

The actual Magpie evaluation application may be installed on any number of computers without additional licensing costs, thereby giving each interested employee easy access to the test data. Even access to several decentralized test databases can be realized without problems.