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LXinstruments sponsorship in Tanzania

By communication with the time2help e.V. association in Herrenberg we became attentive to their aid project in Tanzania. We quickly realized that we want to support this. In concrete terms, we want to secure the further life of a child through a sponsorship and thereby at the same time also the activities of the LWCC and the Yakini School. This is the reason why we decided that every company affiliated to us should support a child.

The Living Water Children's Center (LWCC)

The Living Water Children's Center was founded in 2003 by the Kimaro family. Today it is a loving home for over 100 children (4 to 14 years) from the worst of circumstances, regardless of religion, skin color or tribal affiliation. Many of these children are AIDS orphans, others have been neglected by their families, ostracized, mistreated or abused.

In Living Water, the word "orphan" is not used because all children belong to the Living Water family and and see each other as brothers and sisters. The children call Mr. and Mrs. Kimaro "Mom" and "Dad". Their sons are called "Uncle David" and "Uncle Walter". In addition, two other employed "Mamas" take care of the children, around the clock with great self-sacrifice to their little charges.

Living Water Children's Center is located in Ngulelo, 6 km east of Arusha. It is a charity registered with the Ministry of Interior of Tanzania, financed exclusively by donations. In Tanzania there is no state support for private orphanages!

The Yakini Primary School (Yakini Elementary School)

To pave good education for all children of the Living Water Children's Center, family Kimaro founded the Yakini Primary School (Yakini Elementary School) in 2008.

Within just a few years, the small elementary school has grown to a campus with round about 550 pupils by continuous expansion. Many of them are orphans, but children from the area also attend the school, so that the Living Water children (about 60 of the above 100 visit Yakini) are reintegrated into society regardless of their past.

The school follows the syllabus of the Ministry of Education in Tanzania. In addition, all children receive the best possible support in the English language. All subjects are taught in English only, with one exception: the subject of Swahili which is the national language. This kind of English education is usually reserved to expensive private schools in Tanzania. The children start their 7-year elementary school compared to their peers who come from public schools, their way to secondary school by a large margin. In the annual state examinations, the students are consistently outperforming. The Yakini School is proud of more than 20 engaged, devoted and caring teachers who make the most of the children.

Yakini Secondary School

At the beginning of 2017, the Secondary School opened its doors on a site adjacent to the Primary School. Pupils benefit from the excellent quality of Yakini education throughout and can even obtain their high school diploma (Abitur) here.


Joseph's father died when he was still very young and so he initially grew up with his single mother together with his two sisters. She was overwhelmed by the situation and barely looked after her children. Hunger was the family's constant companion. This did not change even when the grandmother took the children in - she was too poor to provide herself and the children with more than one meal a day. Joseph hardly ever went to school, it was not financially feasible.

After the authorities got involved, Joseph came to the Living Water Children's Center at the age of 9. Because he dreams of independence, he founded his own small company as part of a school project in his last year of high school, which offers a homemade juice drink.

Joseph graduated from high school in 2023 and will be studying at Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam from October 23. He has enrolled on the Bachelor of Science in Property and Facilities Management course there, which will help him to become self-employed.

We are supporting him financially on his way and hope that his dream will come true.