Free Power-Workshop: Testing of energy storages & power products

16.04.24 Köln | 17.04.24 Hannover | 18.04.24 Leipzig | 19.04.24 Nürnberg



LXinstruments has many years’ experience in using both the TestStand test sequencer by National Instruments and TestExec SL by Keysight Technologies.

The use of test sequencers for functional testing is crucial in order to increase productivity during the implementation and maintenance of the test software. Test sequencers make it possible to decouple the actual product-specific test sequences from infrastructure components like e. g. user interface, data storage, process interfaces and driver libraries. This ensures easy reusability of the implemented software components.

In the above layer model, commercially available software products are depicted in dark blue. Software components which are only adapted once to the customer's production environment are depicted in a lighter blue. The small share of SW components which have to be developed or adapted for each DUT is depicted in white.

The development environment for realizing the test sequences forms part of the sequencer. It relates to the work priorities of the test engineer and allows programming of test sequences without the need for the expert software skills of a pure-bread software developer. The sequences can be executed in an interpreter environment, which makes debugging extremely simple.

The LXinstruments software architecture supports both sequencers equally and provides evaluation tools and a test database, independent of which sequencer product is used. The interface between the test sequencer and the LXinstruments software products is provided by the TSCOE4 Operator Interface.