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Drive Technology (Trains)

Drive Controller Function Test – Universal Function Test System for Industrial Electronics

Application Description

General functional test system based on LXI instrumentation for high mix / low to medium volume manufacturing. DUTs are tested which are mainly used as communication and measurement modules in power plant technology, grid management and electrical drives.

The system has a Virginia Panel adapter interface to which various desk adapters can be docked, including automated contacting of the DUTs. A camera for the verification of light emitting diodes on the test object is integrated in the adapter interface.

LXinstruments generally supplies the required test adapters; the test software is implemented by the customer or LXinstruments depending on the resource utilization.

Special Features

Systems based on the same platform are used in relatively large numbers (currently 12 systems) by customers and their suppliers in Switzerland, Thailand and China.

Customer specific Software

Test step libraries were created or extended to suit the instruments used. The LX database structure and user interface were developed in a development partnership together with the customer.

System Type
Employed Technology
Image Processing / LED Evaluation
  Swithing of High DC Voltages and Currents
  Switching of Voltages >300V
DUT Programming (JTAG) etc.
  Embedded Controller by LX
Standard Software