mySQL or other flexibly implementable databases
    Test Sequencer Common Operator Environment (TSCOE)
    Data acquisition, filtering and visualization with Magpie
    Test Management Software (TMS)
  • Customisable driver libraries and interfacess

Operator Interface – TSCOE

The LXinstruments TSCOE (Test Sequencer Common Operator Environment) is the graphical operator/user interface and also serves as an interface for communication with the (automation) technology used for testing.

Thanks to the cross-platform .NET developer platform, the software can be easily integrated into the customer's existing process structures. Thanks to the modular design, the test environment can be expanded or reduced as required.

Special features of the TSCOE are

  • User Interface

Easy and intuitive to use user interface. Simple conversion to other languages and adaptation to the customer's own terminology are possible without any problems.

  • Test database

The database ensures that all the data required for the test history is available and guarantees complete traceability of the test procedure. To manage master and test data, LXinstruments prefers to implement a licence-free MySQL database, but a version based on Microsoft SQL can also be implemented without any problems. Installation on a central server offers the advantage that the database is accessible for several test systems. The test sequence assigned to the respective test task determines whether or which information is saved. Suboptimal results can therefore be analysed quickly and easily, which is a prerequisite for identifying faulty components or optimising work processes.

  • Woodcreeper database API

With the help of the database API, the test database can be manipulated from within the test sequence, e.g. to refer to data from upstream process steps. It is also easy to connect test systems from other manufacturers to the LXinstruments test database.

  • Online monitoring

The software provides a constant overview of the system status via the OPC UA interface. Parameters such as temperature, compressed air and energy supply provide information that can be used to determine maintenance and operating times or derive KPI values, for example. The pass/fail rate shows the error frequency, which is important for automatically stopping the test sequence if extreme conditions occur.

  • Measurement curve acquisition and display

Some applications require the recording and storage of complete signal shapes, for example. The data contains information about the progression of measurement curves, including axis labelling and curve colour. In addition to the curve data, graphics or texts can also be stored and analysed.

  • Adapter management

The optional adapter management enables the assignment of test adapters and products and ensures that a test specimen is not accidentally tested with the wrong adapter and, in the worst case, damaged. Different adapter types can be defined and optionally activated or deactivated for a test stand.

The LXinstruments Test Sequencer Common Operator Environment (TSCOE) also has various operating modes for different applications and user class management for varying access rights.

At LXinstruments, we offer a comprehensive service package to optimally integrate the TSCOE into existing production and test processes. We configure the necessary interfaces or plug-ins for your system and create product-specific test applications. We would be happy to advise you on specific projects.


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Data evaluation & analysis software (Magpie)

The Magpie evaluation and data mining application of the LXinstruments software is a powerful tool for managing and analysing measurement data. The data to be analysed can be made available from the central database server or from a decentralised test database and preselected using easily configurable filters. Frequently used filters can be saved for quick reuse.


Typical filter criteria are, for example:

  • Serial or order number
  • Product revision
  • Test period
  • Location
  • Test plans or
  • Test specifications

Based on the selected data, reports and trend analyses can be created and statistical studies, machine and process capability analyses can be carried out. To further process data with other software tools, an open interface is available via which data can be exported as .csv and .xml files. Magpie achieves a high evaluation speed thanks to its 64-bit architecture.

Special features of Magpie are:

  • Flexible module concept for plugins
  • Support for other databases, e.g. MS SQL (and other test database formats)
  • Multiple languages available
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Powerful memorisable filter settings
  • High evaluation speed thanks to 64-bit support

To give as many employees as possible easy access to the test data, the Magpie evaluation application can be installed on any number of computers without licence costs.


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Test sequencer (TMS)

The test sequencer TMS (Test Management Software) developed by LXinstruments fulfils all the criteria for a successful and smooth test procedure. Test plans and sequences can be created via the graphical user interface without a great deal of programming effort. TMS is particularly suitable where the usual complexity of test sequences needs to be processed. The test sequencer is therefore suitable for small and medium-sized systems where special functions of other sequencers are not required.

The test object (DUT) is tested under various operating conditions for its properties, function and suitability for use. Defective components are localised, differentiated and can be removed from the production process at an early stage. On the other hand, malfunctions of assemblies can be detected. Thanks to the cross-platform .NET open source developer platform and the open structure, the software can be easily integrated into existing customer process structures, and additional interfaces and devices can be integrated without restriction.

Special features of the TMS are

  • Simple creation of test plans and sequences without time-consuming programming
  • Intuitive and easy operation via a graphical user interface
  • Fast and automated execution of test sequences
  • Storage of measurement data in a database for further processing
  • Flexible use and a wide range of applications
  • Uncomplicated and problem-free integration into existing customer process structures
  • Further use of the test sequences already created
  • Integration of existing device DLLs (Dynamic Link Library) using XML via the integrated "Tms Xml Driver Editor" add-on programme
  • Plug-in for outputting test reports as a .csv file. Further plug-ins can be integrated without any problems.

The standard software is supplied in German and English. The XML data format can be used to customise the translation files or add additional languages. The TMS sequencer is offered as a purchase licence. For the customer, this has the advantage of a clear and calculable price – instead of permanent rental costs.


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