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Programming languages / Databases

We use the following programming languages for in-house development of customer projects. For development of our own software products, we favor Microsoft Visual Studio and the C# programming language.

Visual C++

Visual C++ is a classic compiler language which expands ANSI C through object-oriented approaches. Visual C++ has an expanded C++ command set called C++/CLI. This simplifies the implementation of .net applications and other functions.

Visual C#

C# adopts concepts of the Java, C++, SQL, C and Delphi programming languages.
C# belongs to the group of object oriented programming languages and supports the development of language-independent .NET components as well as COM components for usage with Win32 applications.

National Instruments LabVIEW

LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment which is widely used in the field of electronic measurement technology. During the programming phase, objects are parameterized, connected and "wired" in order to create a data flow model. Thanks to comprehensive libraries, simple applications can be realized in an extremely short time. The graphical visualization of programming sequences is especially suited for electronics technicians and engineers.

National Instruments LabWindows CVI

LabWindows/CVI (often simply called CVI, an abbreviation for C for Virtual Instrumentation) is an ANSI C programming environment customized for measurement technology. It appeals primarily to engineers, who may have come in contact with the "classic" C programming language in the course of their studies. Measurement instruments can be easily programmed by means of various interfaces. The resulting applications can be run in standalone mode, which helps to save resources.

Keysight VEE (Visual Engineering Environment) Pro

Keysight VEE Pro is a graphical programming language which may be viewed as being in direct competition with National Instruments' LabVIEW. Similar to LabVIEW, VEE Pro is especially suited for laboratory automation and rapid prototyping applications. Programming of measurement instruments is effectively supported through convenient debugging tools.


OpenTAP is an Open Source project for fast and easy development and execution of automated tests.
OpenTAP is built with simplicity, scalability and speed in mind, and is based on an extendable architecture that leverages .NET Core. OpenTAP offers a range of sequencing functionality and infrastructure that makes it possible to quickly develop plugins tailored for your automation needs – plugins that can be shared with the OpenTAP community through the OpenTAP package repository.

MySQL / Microsoft SQL Server

Databases are of growing importance when it comes to the implementation of software projects in a measurement technology environment. LXinstruments has extensive know-how regarding database design and implementation with MySQL (an open source database) and Microsoft SQL Server.