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  • AS-PA72D14130
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Model Applicos AS-PA72D14130: Digitizer - 14-bit - 130Msps (PA72 Daughter Board)... more
Product information "AS-PA72D14130"

Model Applicos AS-PA72D14130:
Digitizer - 14-bit - 130Msps (PA72 Daughter Board)

  • Channels 1
  • Resolution 14-bit
  • Sample rate 1MHz to 130MHz
  • Memory depth 64M-Words
  • Input ranges (span) 0.338Vp to 3.6Vp in 8 ranges
  • Input operating area -3.6V to +3.6V
  • Input configurations Differential or Single-Ended
  • Input impedance 10k„¦ or 50„¦, DC or AC
  • DC-offset voltage -3.6V to +3.6V
  • Input bandwidth 65MHz (typical)
  • Input filters Bypass, 30MHz, 15MHz
  • Absolute accuracy ±(250µV+0.05% of range + 0.1% of value)
  • Relative accuracy (INL) ±0.025% of range
  • SNR (130Msps, 3.2Vpp diff) 66dB @ Fin=1MHz (BW: 0-60MHz)
  • SNR (130Msps, 3.2Vpp diff) 64dB @ Fin=10MHz (BW: 0-60MHz)
  • THD (130Msps, Vin = 3.2Vpp diff.) 78dB @ Fin = 1MHz
  • THD (130Msps, Vin = 3.2Vpp diff.) 74dB @ Fin = 10MHz
  • SFDR (130Msps, Vin = 3.2Vpp diff.) 80dB @ Fin = 1MHz

The Applicos AS-PA72D14130 is a 14-bit digitizer, capable of capturing waveforms at speeds up to 130Msps. An onboard offset voltage source allows capturing offset signals while still using the optimal range for maximum ADC utilization. Two onboard filters allow suppression of out-of-band noise. The 64MWord onboard memory enables capturing very long waveforms, or sequentially capturing multiple signals with minimal intermediate bus communication.

This is a daughter board for the PA72 platform for flexible PXI solutions. Two function daughter boards fit on a PXI or PXI-Express baseboard. In daughter boards there is choice from several different generators, digitizers, filters, and Flexible Digital I/O modules. This allows you to configure a data acquisition card exactly tailored to your needs. The PA72 concept provides a flexible and cost effective solution for medium and high end analog functions. Each daughter board is optimized for best signal performance.

Scope of Delivery:

  • AS-PA72D14130 Daughter Board - Digitizer
  • VXIplug&play compatible LabWindows/CVI driver
  • LabView driver
  • Soft Front Panel Tool
  • Calibration Certificate

APPLICOS Modular PXI Products

Effective mixed-signal test solutions demand know-how and experience. Low level analog signals need to be stimulated and analysed near fast switching digital logic. Cross talk, magnetic fields, clock jitter, ground noise and non-linearity of components, are just a few of the problems that must be addressed. Applicos knows what it takes to design and produce high quality mixed-signal test solutions. They have been servicing the mixed-signal test industry since 1993 and have established a distinguished reputation for providing customers with high performance, cost effective solutions.

A key component of Applicos' solutions is its high-precision, modular hardware, which, due to its design in terms of accuracy, noise and jitter, is among the best the industry has to offer. This provides a clear alternative to other hardware manufacturers because Applicos combines a deep expertise in analog and mixed-signal technology with a flexible organisation; This allows meeting the specific, ever-changing needs of engineers working in high-performance mixed-signal development. The combination of industry-leading hardware and easy-to-use ATView software gives users the peace of mind that their measurements will run correctly and consistently.

The PA72 PXI / PXI(e) platform consists of a Base Board and one or two Daughter Boards. In daughter boards there is choice from several different signal generators, digitizers, filters, and flexible digital I/O modules. The PA72 concept provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for medium and high end analog functions.