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Workstation Software | Licence

Workstation Software | Licence
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Huntron HU-WORKSTATION Workstation Workstation S/W licence, powering Huntron trackers, access... more
Product information "Workstation Software | Licence"

Workstation S/W licence, powering Huntron trackers, access probers and more

Features of the Huntron Workstation

  • Supports Tracker 3200S, Tracker Model 30, Tracker 2800/2800S, Huntron ProTrack (USB only)
  • Automate the capture and storage of your test equipment measurements
    • The Huntron Workstation software has been enhanced to automate digital multimeter (DMM) and oscilloscope measurements 
    • Capture measurements, compare them either to a stored measurement or to a defined value and display the results of your test.
    • Currently supported devices: Agilent 34461A DMM, Agilent 34410A DMM, Tektronix 4050 DMM, Agilent DSO1022A oscilloscope
    • Most of your DMM and oscilloscope measurement functions such as DC/AC voltage, waveform capture, resistance, capacitance and frequency are supported
  • Access to DH 50 mil and 39 mil sample-to-sample distance possible 
  • Image-based work instructions can be embedded in board, sequence and component instructions
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Supports conversion of all 3.X and 4.x databases including HBK files
  • Built-in utility for updating the firmware of Tracker Model 30, Tracker 2800/2800S and Tracker 3200S

The Workstation

The Huntron Workstation software is at the heart of the industry-standard Huntron Tracker and Access Probers. The design is simple and easy to use, yet robust and flexible enough to meet your most demanding test requirements. The goal of the Huntron Workstation is to provide a model-driven platform that allows you to organise your testing procedure, perform your testing in a repeatable process and quickly interpret the results. The procedures are comparison-based, matching stored information from working test assemblies with information from suspect assemblies and presenting the results in a clear visual display. The Huntron Workstation software has been developed to provide a high level of efficiency and flexibility in PCB test generation and troubleshooting. Huntron Workstation's multi-window layout allows for rapid test creation, quick display of component signatures, control of test robots and CAD display tools that update on demand.

Founded in 1976, Huntron is a supplier of tools for engineers and technicians to test, diagnose and repair assembled printed circuit boards. Huntron is based in Mill Creek, Washington and manufactures the popular Huntron Tracker, Huntron Workstation software and robotic probers.