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BRS Messtechnik

BRS Messtechnik, based in Stuttgart, Germany, specializes in battery measurement technology and manufactures both battery measurement instruments and battery test systems. The compact battery testers operate independently of technology and can test batteries at cell and module level as well as accumulators quickly and effectively.

The instruments are suitable for use in development for suitability analyses, in manufacturing for quality control as well as in the field of reuse to determine aging processes. In addition, customized measuring devices and modules are also manufactured.

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Connection Cable VK-BMUX Connection Cable VK-BMUX
BRS Messtechnik

Connection cable between the measuring devices BIM1B, BIM2B and the Battery-Multiplexer BMUX15/4
€27.00 *
BRS Messtechnik Measuring cable MK-T200 Measuring Cable MK-T200
BRS Messtechnik

Measuring cable (1 m) with two big buttons for internal resistance measurements suitable for aluminum battery poles and...
€233.00 *
BRS Messtechnik Messkabel MK-T100 Measuring Cable MK-T100
BRS Messtechnik

Measuring cable (1 m) with two small coaxial Kelvin buttons for internal resistance measurements for all battery poles...
€233.00 *
BRS Messtechnik Measuring cable MK-S Measuring Cable MK-S
BRS Messtechnik

Measuring cable (1 m) with two small Kelvin clamps for internal resistance measurements on smaller batteries
€112.00 *
BRS Messtechnik Measuring cable MK-O Measuring Cable MK-O
BRS Messtechnik

Measuring cable (0.8 m) with open ends for connecting individual contacts
€48.00 *
BRS Messtechnik Measuring cable MK-L-Set Measuring Cable MK-L-Set
BRS Messtechnik

Measuring cable MK-L inclusive four alligator clips and four cable lug adapters for M4 / M6 / M8
€87.00 *
BRS Messmodul Universal measuring cable MK-L Universal measuring cable MK-L
BRS Messtechnik

Universal measuring cable (1 m) with four laboratory plugs (4 mm) for internal resistance and impedance measurements
€76.00 *
BRS Messtechnik High Voltage Measuring Cable MK-HV High Voltage Measuring cable MK-HV
BRS Messtechnik

High Voltage Measuring Cable (1 m) with 2 pairs of twisted test leads and 4 mm safety plugs for internal resistance and...
€75.00 *
Round Cell Adapter CTA Round Cell Adapter CTA
BRS Messtechnik

The round cell adapter CTA is an accessory for the battery impedance meters BIM1, BIM2 and BTC1
Price on request
BRS Messtechnik Measuring Cable TMKPT1000 Measuring Cable TMKPT1000
BRS Messtechnik

Measuring cable (1 m) with Pt1000 temperature-sensor in TO92 housing for temperature measurements
€104.30 *
BRS Messtechnik Measuring cable MK-K Measuring Cable MK-K
BRS Messtechnik

Measuring cable (1 m) with two big Kelvin clamps for internal resistance measurements on larger batteries
€142.73 *
Measuring Module Battery Tester up to 60 V | MBT series Measuring Module Battery Tester up to 60 V |...
BRS Messtechnik

Voltage: up to 60 V, Measurement frequencies: 10 Hz and 1 kHz
Price on request
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