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16 Channel Data Acquisition Device I EX1400 Series

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  • VT-EX1400-Serie
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VTI Instruments EX1400 Series 16 Channel Data Acquisition Device The AMETEK VTI Instruments... more
Product information "16 Channel Data Acquisition Device I EX1400 Series"

VTI Instruments EX1400 Series
16 Channel Data Acquisition Device

The AMETEK VTI Instruments EX1400 series consists of a total of three instruments that have been specially developed for precise data acquisition for a wide range of requirements. The stand-alone data acquisition system combines high channel density with an extremely lightweight design without compromising accuracy and performance. The compact size allows flexible use even in applications with limited space. Reliable data exchange is guaranteed via various integrated communication interfaces. The EX1400 product family is a cost-effective solution for all test applications.

Models of the 16 Channel Data Acquisition Device EX1400 Series 

The EX1401 is a 16-channel thermocouple and voltage measuring device with an accuracy of ±0.2 °C and a channel-to-channel insulation of 1000 V. The device has a built-in self-test function and independent 24-bit ADCs (Analog Digital Converters) as well as Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) per channel. The high sampling rate of 20,000 per second per channel allows its usage in high-speed temperature transient applications. It can be used in any test environment that requires accurate temperature measurement and repeatability, such as automotive and battery testing, jet engine testing, Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS) and health monitoring. Parallel data storage and independent operating modes further enhance the benefits. The intuitive "EXLab Express" data acquisition software from VTI is included in the scope of delivery and eliminates the need for complex programming.

The EX1402 is a 16-channel high voltage meter designed to acquire precision data from voltage sensors. It delivers accurate and repeatable voltage measurements by implementing fully integrated signal conditioning and 24-bit ADCs (Analog Digital Converters) per channel. With industry standard sampling rates of 128,000 per second per channel, the EX1402 is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring the highest accuracy and protection from damaging voltage levels. Enhanced power supplies with AC, DC and PoE+ (Power over Ethernet, IEEE 802.3at) adapt to virtually any application requirement, while standalone data logging and parallel data streaming capability set new standards in performance and flexibility..

The EX1403A 16-channel precision bridge and strain gauge measurement instrument can supply constant voltage and constant current and sets new standards for strain and bridge measurements. All channels feature independent 24-bit ADCs (Analog to Digital Converters) and extensive software selectable filtering options for excellent accuracy and reliability. The EX1403A can measure voltages up to ±10 V and is suitable for direct resistance measurements on RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detector). Built-in signal conditioning, programmable signal excitation and selectable bridge completion, for each individual channel, greatly simplify setup and configuration. With unmatched performance, accuracy and reliability, the EX1403A is the "go-to" solution for the most complex testing applications. 
For example:

  • Airframe structural and fatigue test
  • Rocket and satellite structural test
  • Wind tunnel flight load test
  • General purpose bridge measurements
  • Load frame materials testing
Scope of delivery  of the  16 Channel Data Acquisition Device  EX1400... mehr

Scope of delivery of the 16 Channel Data Acquisition Device EX1400 Series

  • User Manual
  • Factory test certificate
  • Software
Video  of the  16 Channel Measurement Instrument  EX 1401... mehr

Video of the 16 Channel Measurement Instrument EX1401

Video of the 16 Channel Measurement Instrument EX1402

Video of the 16 Channel Measurement Instrument EX1403A


VTI Instruments, located in San Diego, provides products and systems which are used to monitor and record data that characterizes the physical integrity and performance of aircraft, engines, and other large structures, as well as automate the functional testing of complex electronic systems. VTI Instruments is recognized as an industry leader with a reputation of providing reliable data, first time, every time.

With strong brands, a broad product portfolio, exceptional precision power conversion and control expertise, proven power system integration capabilities and deep applications knowledge, AMETEK Programmable Power is your source for programmable power supplies, precision data acquisition instruments, and more.

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