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Modular Functional Test Platform | OTP2

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LXinstruments GmbH OTP 2 Modular functional test platform cost-effective and fast realization... more
Product information "Modular Functional Test Platform | OTP2"

LXinstruments GmbH OTP2
Modular functional test platform
cost-effective and fast realization of test systems, modular system, open system interfaces

Functional tests are an important part of product development and manufacturing and is used to ensure quality, performance and reliability from launch to end of life. A modern, future-proof functional test system must meet many criteria in order to fulfill the ever-increasing demands of the industry.
The Open Test Platform OTP2 developed by LXinstruments fulfills the following requirements for a dynamic and competitive market:

  • Modular Design
    • The proven modular system contains standardized modules that can be adapted to customer and application specific needs.
    • Integration to customer hardware and software allows on-site extensions to the system to cover special requirements.
  • LXI-Version
    • LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation) is the industrial standard for communication to measuring instruments and test systems. As a cost-effective solution, it is characterized above all by high data throughput with high measurement accuracy.
  • PXI-Version
    • PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation - called PXI - is an open industrial standard for measurement and automation technology. Due to the high switching speeds, PXI systems are particularly suitable for automated systems with large quantities.  
  • Versatile use
    • Due to its open structure, the system can be used independently of the platform. It can be adapted to changing production conditions and can cover a wide range of applications.
    • The individual software and hardware components can be combined in various ways and are reusable in different test scenarios.
  • Scalability
    • The system is available in three sizes (micro, midi, maxi) and, due to its modular design strategy, offers sufficient space for standardized modules and customer-specific functional systems for all kinds of test conditions.
  • Data storage and analysis
    • All system-related data is stored in the standardized MySQL database (optionally MS SQL).
    • The Magpie analysis software can be used to generate reports and test evaluations, for example, and to perform statistical studies, machine and process capability analyses.

All kinds of test routines are conceivable. The multitude of individual components can be assembled into a complete test system.

Our modular system includes amongst others:

  • Power supplies, PDUs, system power units
  • Function and arbitrary waveform generators
  • Digital/analog converters, data loggers
  • Various interfaces and adapters, USB hubs
  • Built-in racks with accessories e.g. monitor holder, swivel arm for displays, table extension for manual adapters
  • Test sequencer (TMS) for creating test plans and sequences
  • Graphical user interface (TSCOE) with integrated database
  • Database evaluation software (Magpie)
  • Interfaces for remote diagnostics and maintenance as well as self-test applications

Using a product configurator, we work together with customers to select the components required for the defined test tasks. All modules include the driver software with the associated test step libraries and defined measurement functions. The systems are integrated according to the customer's requirements.

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LXinstruments GmbH was founded in 2006 as a solution provider for all issues relating to instruments and systems in electronic measurement technology. Our systems are mainly based on the LXI standard (Lan based Extensions for Instrumentation), an open industry standard. The portfolio was gradually expanded to include the sale of electronic test & measurement instruments and components and products developed in-house.

Our sister company, bsw TestSystems & Consulting, was integrated into the company in 2009. With its specialisation in RF solutions, it primarily supports the semiconductor and telecommunications industry as well as university and research institutions.

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