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Programmable DC Power Supply | SLx Series

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  • MPE-SLx-Serie
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Magna Power SLx Series Programmable DC Power Supply up to 10 kW, up to 10 kV, up to 600 A The... more
Product information "Programmable DC Power Supply | SLx Series"

Magna Power SLx Series
Programmable DC Power Supply
up to 10 kW, up to 10 kV, up to 600 A

The SLx Series offers models at 6 different power levels, with highly granular range of voltages and currents. With industry-leading power density, rugged current-fed power processing, and the state-of-the-art MagnaLINK™ distributed DSP digital control architecture, the SLx Series meets the long-term DC power requirements of research & development, industrial automation, and process control applications.

Features of the programmable DC power supplies of SLx Series

  • Voltage, current, and power control
  • Rugged current-fed power processing
  • 16-bit precision with single bit control
  • SCPI and Modbus command sets
  • Programmable protection features
  • Interlock and hardware emergency stop
  • Slew rate control
  • Continuous full power operation up to 50°C ambient
  • Configurable analog-digital 26-pin I/O port
  • Digital-hybrid MagnaLINK™ master-slaving
  • Local, remote, and leadless voltage sensing
  • USB (front and rear) and RS485 interfaces standard
  • CAN, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, LXI TCP/IP Ethernet, ModbusTCP, and PROFINET fully integrated communications options available
  • MagnaCTRL software platform included

Models of the programmable DC power supply of SLx Series

  1.5 kW 2.6 kW 4 kW 6 kW 8 kW 10 kW
Max Voltage (Vdc) Max Current (Adc)
5 SLx1.5-5-250 SLx2.6-5-500 SLx4-5-600      
10 SLx1.5-10-150 SLx2.6-10-250 SLx4-10-400 SLx6-10-600    
16 SLx1.5-16-93 SLx2.6-16-162 SLx4-16-250 SLx6-16-375 SLx8-16-500 SLx10-16-600
20 SLx1.5-20-75 SLx2.6-20-130 SLx4-20-200 SLx6-20-250 SLx8-20-400 SLx10-20-500
25 SLx1.5-25-60 SLx2.6-25-104 SLx4-25-160 SLx6-25-240 SLx8-25-320 SLx10-25-400
32 SLx1.5-32-46 SLx2.6-32-81 SLx4-32-125 SLx6-32-186 SLx8-32-250 SLx10-32-310
40 SLx1.5-40-37 SLx2.6-40-65 SLx4-40-100 SLx6-40-150 SLx8-40-200 SLx10-40-250
50 SLx1.5-50-30 SLx2.6-50-52 SLx4-50-80 SLx6-50-120 SLx8-50-160 SLx10-50-200
60 SLx1.5-60-25 SLx2.6-60-43 SLx4-60-66 SLx6-60-100 SLx8-60-133 SLx10-60-166
80 SLx1.5-80-18 SLx2.6-80-32 SLx4-80-50 SLx6-80-75 SLx8-80-100 SLx10-80-125
100 SLx1.5-100-15 SLx2.6-100-26 SLx4-100-40 SLx6-100-60 SLx8-100-80 SLx10-100-100
125 SLx1.5-125-12 SLx2.6-125-20 SLx4-125-32 SLx6-125-48 SLx8-125-64 SLx10-125-80
160 SLx1.5-160-9 SLx2.6-160-16 SLx4-160-25 SLx6-160-36 SLx8-160-50 SLx10-160-60
200 SLx1.5-200-7.5 SLx2.6-200-13 SLx4-200-20 SLx6-200-30 SLx8-200-40 SLx10-200-50
250 SLx1.5-250-6 SLx2.6-250-10.4 SLx4-250-16 SLx6-250-24 SLx8-250-32 SLx10-250-40
300 SLx1.5-300-5 SLx2.6-300-8.6 SLx4-300-13.2 SLx6-300-20 SLx8-300-26.4 SLx10-300-33.3
375 SLx1.5-375-4 SLx2.6-375-6.9 SLx4-375-10.4 SLx6-375-16 SLx8-375-21.3 SLx10-375-26.5
400 SLx1.5-400-3.7 SLx2.6-400-6.5 SLx4-400-10 SLx6-400-15 SLx8-400-20 SLx10-400-25
500 SLx1.5-500-3 SLx2.6-500-5.2 SLx4-500-8 SLx6-500-12 SLx8-500-16 SLx10-500-20
600 SLx1.5-600-2.5 SLx2.6-600-4.3 SLx4-600-6.4 SLx6-600-10 SLx8-600-13.3 SLx10-600-16.5
800 SLx1.5-800-1.8 SLx2.6-800-3.2 SLx4-800-5 SLx6-800-7.5 SLx8-800-10 SLx10-800-12.5
1000 SLx1.5-1000-1.5 SLx2.6-1000-2.6 SLx4-1000-4 SLx6-1000-6 SLx8-1000-8 SLx10-1000-10
1250 SLx1.5-1250-1.2 SLx2.6-1250-2 SLx4-1250-3.2 SLx6-1250-4.8 SLx8-1250-6.4 SLx10-1250-8
1500 SLx1.5-1500-1 SLx2.6-1500-1.7 SLx4-1500-2.6 SLx6-1500-4 SLx8-1500-5.3 SLx10-1500-6.6
2000 SLx1.5-2000-0.75 SLx2.6-2000-1.3 SLx4-2000-2 SLx6-2000-3 SLx8-2000-4 SLx10-2000-5
3000 SLx1.5-3000-0.5 SLx2.6-3000-0.86 SLx4-3000-1.3 SLx6-3000-2 SLx8-3000-2.6 SLx10-3000-3.3
4000 SLx1.5-4000-0.37 SLx2.6-4000-0.65 SLx4-4000-1 SLx6-4000-1.5 SLx8-4000-2 SLx10-4000-2.5
6000 SLx1.5-6000-0.25 SLx2.6-6000-0.43 SLx4-6000-0.66 SLx6-6000-1 SLx8-6000-1.33 SLx10-6000-1.66
8000 SLx1.5-8000-0.18 SLx2.6-8000-0.32 SLx4-8000-0.5 SLx6-8000-0.75 SLx8-8000-1 SLx10-8000-1.25
10000 SLx1.5-10000-0.15 SLx2.6-10000-0.26 SLx4-10000-0.4 SLx6-10000-0.6 SLx8-10000-0.8 SLx10-10000-1
Options of programmable, electronic DC-Source of SL Series High Slew Rate Output (+HS)... mehr

Options of programmable, electronic DC-Source of SL Series

  • High Slew Rate Output (+HS)
  • IEEE-488 GPIB Communications (+GPIB)
  • LXI TCP/IP Ethernet Communications (+LXI)
  • Ruggedized (+RUG)

Combining robust power processing topologies with state-of-the-art vertically integrated USA manufacturing, tens of thousands of companies rely on Magna-Power's high-quality programmable DC products to power their innovation. For the programmable DC Power Supplies Magna is utilizing the rugged current-fed power processing topology, spanning over 500 models from 1.5 kW to 3,000 kW+, and numerous standard options, Magna-Power offers one of the industry’s broadest range of programmable DC power supplies.
For DC electronic loads they are offering both conventional linear topology and patented Active Resistance Technology, Magna-Power defines a new cost-point for high-power electronic loads from 1.25 kW to 100 kW+, offering unique control modes and highly reliable continuous full-power operation up to 50°C.

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